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Build a Business E3 : Lily Stevenson-Black,

An opportunity has opened up for students who do not do a business GCSE, to do business! It has been a very busy E3, as many different pupils want to get a taste of the business and the entrepreneur world. Devon Yates, a Y9 student who is participating in the E3, told us that she and a group of her friends are planning to create a business all to do with selling milkshakes. Last term, they planned their business and how they were going to advertise, create and sell their milkshakes. This term, they are making all their ideas come to life by creating posters, working out the financial information and looking into different allergy and food restrictions. Devon said she is really having fun creating her dream business and encourages all other pupils to join along in Mrs Donald’s E3. ToodlePip!


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