• garlickp

Duke Of Edinburgh Award : Lily Stevenson-Black,

An E3 available to some of the older children (Years 9-10) is the DofE award. The DofE award includes 4 sections: The Volunteering, the Skills, the Physical and the Expedition. In the volunteering section, you must volunteer yourself to help the public in some way, doing a little bit each week over a 3-6 month radar, and uploading evidence to the DofE website. It is the same with the physical and skill sections, yet instead you do a sport and obviously, a skill. However, the expedition part is completely different to any of the others, as you must go out into the outdoors and use some of your navigating and survival skills. Your Assessors will then mark you depending on how you did getting from A to B, and that gives you your end Expedition mark. This E3 is SUPER easy, and if you complete it, it is an amazing thing to put on your future college, university and job applications. I hope you decide to choose DofE for your Faculty E3 and have a great time with your friends whilst doing so. Toodlepip!


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