• garlickp

S.T.E.M E3 : Lily Stevenson-Black

S.T.E.M E3 has had a numerous amount of pupils sign up to it, all ranging from Y5 all the way to Y11! S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which kind of indicates what happens in this certain E3. The participants involved get to learn about all the different sciences, do fun experiments whilst engineering, complete fun mathematical questions and work on the computers looking at gory and funny photos! My friend Gabrielle Thompson, who is in S.T.E.M, told me that she has a really good time during her E3 and she has learnt so much already even though she is only a term and a half into the year! Mr Kociruba runs it, who is always prepared to answer any of your necessary questions, can be located all the way in the science block and I hope everyone has had a good time settling back into the school routine. Toodlepip!


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