• garlickp

Science Club : Lily Stevenson-Black

One of the most popular E3s children really want to participate in is… Science Club! Science club is a sector of your week, where you can do really fun experiments, improve your general Science knowledge and have a great time with your friends. Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Watkins and Mrs Vickers, who are all very approachable and lovely teachers, run the Y5-Y6 club and Mr Smith runs the Y7-Y8 : they will all make sure you have the best of a time. During your period at the E3, you will try to achieve a certificate for The Crest Award, which is an award you receive if you complete 8 challenges. The challenges consist of a role in a project and putting your communication, teamwork and project management skills into action! We hope everyone who has picked Science Club enjoys their E3 option, and good luck with The Crest Award. ToodlePip!


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