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The Y5 & 6 Staff Tea Party : Lily Stevenson-Black and Lucy Gray

Last week, the Y5 and 6’s held a small tea party for the members of staff who taught them during the first term of school. They made different confectionary, finger-sized sandwiches with multiple different fillings and obviously delicious tea: whilst also learning how to fold napkins, professionally waiter and the grubby job, washing up. We both tested some of the treats that were available, and we must say that we could not fault them as they were all made extremely delicately and tasted phenomenal. We interviewed a member of the sandwich team, named Harry, and he told us that he thoroughly enjoyed making all the different combinations and that his favourite part of the experience was receiving all the amazing feedback. Miss Fleming also told us she thought the tea was made with very equal measurements to make it taste superb, as well as the napkins being folded with excellent precision. We congratulate all the Y5 and 6’s who made the amazing creations and we personally believe it was a huge success. ToodlePip!

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